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Campaign Finance/Ethics Reform Is Right for Missouri


“Show me the money.” That’s a fitting slogan for Missouri, since we are the only state in the nation with no limit on campaign contributions and no limit on lobbyists’ gifts.

In addition, Missouri has no waiting-period to prevent lawmakers or most other state public officials from immediately cashing in on their public service with lobbying jobs or other careers obtained because of their political connections.

If elected, I will engage the citizens of this state to raise awareness of this dire problem and to mobilize them to restore faith in our political system.

Jefferson City has too many elected officials who feel entitled to free stuff—meals, professional sports tickets, first-class travel accommodations, five-figure campaign donations.

The Missouri Legislature can, and should, fix this situation. But don’t hold your breath. Both the House and the Senate passed different versions of ethics legislation, but was unable to work out a compromise to pass even a weak bill. A sticking point was putting an end to the revolving door, in which legislators cash in on their public service by becoming lobbyists, without a cooling-off period as the U.S. Congress has.

Not even small attempts at change, such as reducing the amount of money lobbyists can spend on freebies for lawmakers, can see the light of day. That shows how deeply ingrained the culture of entitlement has become for legislators. Why not another slogan? “We’re going to get ours.”

The Missouri Legislature needs a bipartisan call for campaign finance/ethics reform. This push won’t be easy with so many legislators profiting off an immoral disgrace while in the role of public servants, but I believe the citizens of this state can restore limits and faith in our government through collective action and mobilization.

Campaign Finance/Ethics reform is right for Missouri.