Why am I running for office?

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Why am I running for office?

Let me answer that first by stating I’m not running because I have a big ego. I have no need to be in the spotlight. I am not a know-it-all. My ego is not so large that I believe I know better than everyone else and want to impose my will on others.

However, we need a new direction to restore confidence in the Missouri Legislature. We need new leaders who have strong ideas, who are concerned about the common good of the people, and respect all viewpoints rather than party loyalties. Perhaps, co-operation and, yes, compromise, and productivity will follow.

Unlike some, I have no further political ambitions; I’m not trying to get another job. I have no ties to special interests.

What I want to do is to change policy and advocate common-sense values to make a difference in the lives of the people in my district and for all Missourians.


I want to hear from you. What are your ideas for a better Missouri, for better schools, for better roads, and all the other ways state government can serve the people of Missouri?

I’m not running to be something. I’m running to do something.